Grey Reef Fishing Report / North Platte River

Some unsettled weather has moved in today and we are experiencing temps in the mid 40’s and a raw north east wind.  Fortunately the forecast for the rest of the week looks pretty good.  The PMD’s are coming off in good numbers especially mid day.  Mercer’s Poxyback, a PMD Crawler, Blondie and even a Hare’s Ear will get the job done.  We got a few fish on worms and leeches during lulls in hatch activity.  Fremont Canyon fished well  again yesterday and there was some reported top water action.  I haven’t talked to anyone who has ventured to the Miracle Mile this weekend, but I am sure there are fish to be caught even with the less than ideal conditions. Still no word on when the flows will increase at Grey Reef. We will keep you posted.