North Platte River Fishing Report

We have been experiencing some decent weather the last few days and this fishing is just about as good as it gets.  Our boats have been doing well with midge patterns like the Mayhem Midge in the morning hours then throwing PMD’s in the afternoon.  The RS2 in rust with a yellow cdc wing has been a hot fly along with the standard Mercers poxyback.  When things slow down in the late afternoon, Pine Squirrel Leeches and the Deep Purple reef worm have rounded things out nicely.  Still no word on when they are going to bump the water to summer flows, but it has to be soon.  Clarity is improving daily below Government Bridge and the float from Lusby to Whitetail has been producing some nice fish.  Flows at the Miracle Mile have been relatively stable at 6500 cfs and it should be fishing well.  Remember, flows there can change without warning.  Although it has been a bit crowded, Fremont Canyon/Cardwell has been fishing very well.  On calm days, this would be my first choice if you want to throw some dries. The weekend weather looks good with the chance for some unstable conditions on Saturday, but other than that summer is finally here!