Grey Reef, Miracle Mile and Fremont Fly Fishing Report

Things have been a little hit and miss the past couple days. Mostly hit but we have to acknowledge a couple blips. 2 days ago we had a half dozen boats on the upper and a viscous NE wind caused some issues and the fishing was our version of tough that for those boats. 20 fish in the net isn’t really a tough day but, hey we are spoiled. The boats who were on lower stretches did very well so likely the drifts with surface water flowing the wrong way was largely to blame? The Grey Reef system is fishing well from top to bottom. Nymphing is excellent and streamers solid. Game and Fish have been shocking a bit and buzzed a few very large walleye below Grey Reef Dam. Some big trout, as expected, in one of the best stretches of river for size and quality anywhere. We won’t give up those details but if you want a fish of a lifetime I would focus pretty hard on the upper 12.

Miracle Mile fished excellent a couple days ago and even the slow retrieve streamer operation was productive. 2 days later…not so much. Nymphing is great though. We are officially in fish fish season and you better post up, ¬†grab a handful of streamer and get to work!

Fremont is also well worth it. Some good dry fly opportunities have presented themsel