Wyoming Fly Fishing / Grey Reef Guide Report

Excellent fishing conditions on our nearly 100 miles on the lower North Platte River. Miracle Mile, Fremont Canyon and the entire Grey Reef system included. Psuedos still the fun afternoon hatch but will morph into full blown baetis hatch mid to late mornings…soon. We are seeing baetis on the upper reaches and good numbers in and below Casper. Caddis and tricos still doing their part. Tricos will fizzle but expect caddis to be around for a couple more weeks. Crawdads, crane flies, scuds. leeches and lately I have seen quite a number of dragon fly nymphs. All of these are in play as are all techniques. Dry fly, streamer and nymph gear should be packed and prepped for!

Our Sage Grouse cast and blasts have been good to excellent. Good numbers of birds and the weather hasn’t been too beastly hot (most days). Dogs are in great condition and the hunting guides are enjoying some boot time off from the oars.

Cottages have some good availability coming up but I suspect these won’t last as the weather looks perfect and the big fish are on the prowl. Or, roll into an RV site and enjoy a nice bath house facility and full hookups in an awesome location.

We have one room available at NPL the eves of Oct 1-12. A great weekend opportunity that you won’t regret!

Trent and I are scheming our next improvement and 2015 should bring more options at The Reef fly Shop. Stay tuned.