Grey Reef and Miracle Mile Fishing Report

Wow! Central Wyoming Fly Fishing has turned it on! The Reef has been fishing very well with nymph rigs. Getting some fish to eat midge and baetis patterns as well as the slightly larger generic stuff like pheasant tails but it is really a worm game right now. Flows are 4500cfs and will continue to increase. This has the river FULL of worms. Landing a fish and they sometimes puke a big ball of worms out. Not fishing much over 6′ for kneader and 3 and 4x fluoro tippet. The water is chilly at 52* but the upper has 4′ of visibility. Below Government Bridge is also fishing well. Miracle Mile is 7500cfs and the same thing is happening there. Worms and leeches. Some excellent new water opens up at these flows so get your favorite run out of your head and go find a new favorite! Pathfinder Dam is spilling and it makes quite a spectacle…don’t miss it! Fremont Canyon is big water! But guess what…the fish are still there and still eating.

The Big Horn River in Thermopolis is big as well…stick to Grey Reef! However, we are now booking fly fishing, upland bird hunts and cast and blast on the Big Horn River. The Big Horn is similar and different at the same time. You get increased opportunities for dry fly and streamer fishing. The Chukkar, Hun and pheasant hunting is excellent. Waterfowl love the warm waters below the hot springs making these hunts very productive. Enjoy a soak in the State Bathhouse in warm/hot spring water that is continually flowing through the facility.