Grey Reef and Miracle Mile Fishing report

Central Wyoming Fly Fishing is holding strong. Grey Reef Flows are still at 7000cfs and nymphing is very good. The banks are wet causing the food of choice to be worms. The fish are stuffed with the protein laden critters. We are running nymph rigs from 4′ – 7′ with a touch heavier rigs. Worms and leeches seem to be performing best although we are getting some solid activity on pheasant tails and bugs similar. The mornings have been very productive and later afternoon slowing a touch. This big water is not only good for the fishing right now but it will make July – September amazing. The edge structure will be prime for hoppers and streamers to be ambushed by the greedy trout. These flows also squash the late summer algae bloom. High water also introduces lots of nutrients and protection for the upcoming crop of babies. We experience excellent recruitment of wild fish during these events. Miracle Mile is a 6200cfs right now. The wading will not be the same in your traditional spots BUT these situations will pack trout in places that you’ve never been able to fish before. There are still excellent runs and they are after the same stuff…worm, leeches and scuds. Don’t be afraid to nymph some crawdad patterns as well and certainly don’t abandon the midge /PMD/Golden Stone (Pat’s Rubber Legs and Half Backs) imitations.

Fremont Canyon is a full blown river and quite a site to see. Go check out Pathfinder spilling off of the cliffs. This is a waterfall that rivals many and a rare event. Fishing is still possible and the fish just nudge to the softer water.

Big water doesn’t flush the fish down river and it doesn’t hurt their intention to feed wildly…it just makes things more interesting as you get to go find them in your little spot.

The full reservoirs are also priming for amazing carp fishing. The shallow, flooded bays are full of them. If you haven’t tried “carping” you are missing out. Stop by The Reef Fly Shop for a great selection of appropriate carp bugs.

This is also a great time to rent a boat. We have a new fleet and you can cover a lot of water and hook a pile of fish.