North Platte River Fishing Report- Grey Reef, Fremont Canyon, and Miracle Mile.

The river is flowing! Flows have been steadily increasing over the past few weeks and will continue to do so for the next few weeks. Fishing has been good though! Fish love high water and so do we! A good rule for all three tailwaters is to make sure you are fishing the right water. Slow inside corners, soft edges, and slower seams have all had fish stacked in them, no need to be out in the fast crazy water.

Grey Reef Flows are currently 4,500 CFS will keep increasing until they reach 7,000 by next Friday.  Water clarity is good on the upper section and deteriorates the farther you go down river. The fishing is good from the dam down to the bridge. Miracle mile is now flowing at 7500 and will also keep increasing but we don’t know where that number will stop. Pathfinder is now spilling over and there is a lot of water going through fremont. Fishing is still good here, but you have to fish water out of the main current. Our top flies on all three tailwaters have been a PSL in all colors, UV Leech in brown, San Juan worms in purple, pink, and red, a bead head Pheasant Tail, and a foam post rs2.

As always if you have any questions or want to book a trip stop by the shop or drop us a line!