Grey Reef / Miracle Mile / Fremont Canyon Fishing Report

Fishing is holding up quite well on all areas of the river.  Fly selection is pretty much the same, worms, leeches, RS2 foam posts, and crayfish patterns are putting trout in the net.  At Grey Reef the wading angler is now primarily confined to the section from the dam to the boat ramp.  The weeds from there down is making it a challenge to get to the fish. Most areas between Grey Reef and Lusby are best fished from a boat.  If you are wading, below Government Bridge to Buffalo Berry Campground would be my choice.  The Miracle Mile has been a bit more consistent this week.  With flows at 800 cfs, everything is accessible by wading.  The pocket water above the bridge has been giving up some good fish.  We have guide boats there today and I will have an updated report tomorrow for you.  Fremont Canyon is back to normal flows of 80 cfs and fishing well.  Clarity is off a bit, but that is normal for this time of year and doesn’t really effect the fishing. Good weather is forecast for the weekend.  You should be here!