Grey Reef – Wyoming’s Best Fly Fishing

And the region…Colorado is in dire straights with their water situation but Central Wyoming is old faithful. Grey Reef flows have been bumped from 1600 cfs to 2250 cfs over the past couple days. Our nudge yesterday made an abrupt cooling of the river and stunted the day’s PMD and caddis hatches a bit. They’ll be back, in-force, today. Fishing has been pretty awesome and the river conditions couldn’t be much better. So clear and fish suspended and eating bugs. Miracle Mile, Fremont Canyon and Grey Reef…all the way to Glenrock. So fun. The lower stuff will heat up to levels that are not good for the trout to be hooked so be mindful of the fishing conditions below Casper, Wyoming as the summer progresses. The remote options are looking great and we have groups excited to explore some relatively untouched water. Call if you are curious and are interested in an adventure. Our Grey Reef program is as solid, productive and convenient as it gets but sometimes we like to step out of the norm and target some treats that are very reachable. Small stream? Yep, we got it. Remote drift boating? Yep! Always way more private access exclusively for our guests? Yep!

The traffic on Grey Reef has been unusually quiet. We realize the the Front Range options are fishing well right now and that may be the answer? We realize Miracle Mile has an inordinate amount of traction right now as well. We realize that the luster of Grey Reef and the rabbit hole of bead fishing may dilute successes that come from fly fishing. Swing back by, we’ll make it a point to open your eyes to the river and discovering some new techniques that don’t step over the line. Plus our resident trophy class critters are still out there waiting for you.

Dry/ Dropper rigs are already being employed with success. These fish have become accustomed to looking up and this will only improve as we move into the summer season and most of the way into fall. We are also very optimistic about the hopper situation this year. There are lots of bombers clicking around the prairie and it is only a matter of time. Golden Stones are the next big ticket bug unless the strange boom in cicadas along the North Platte River might trump the Golden Stone flies at Miracle Mile? We’ll let you know tomorrow;)

The streamer bite will get some attention from a diligent and patient angler however the emerger nymph rig is king. Keep ’em stealthy with light tippet and some traditional bugs to feed them well. Pheasant tails, Epoxy Backs, Bret Specials, Bird’s Nests, Bread Crust and if you really want to open your eyes?? Partridge and Yellow, Olive or Orange available at The Reef Fly Shop. This traditional and oft forgotten classic should be in every Grey Reef fly angler’s box.

This week in Casper, Wyoming Fly Fishing News is the 20th consecutive year we host the College National Finals Rodeo! Welcome Athletes and Fans! If you haven’t experienced rodeo, this is a must-see. High energy, hard working youth making the Ag community proud.

As always, pinch your barbs!