Time to Rent a Drift Boat

Congrats the the Welker Group for being the latest members of the NPL 25″ Club with guide Eric Anderson!

We still have a cottage and guides available for this weekend! Call 307.232.9128. Guests yesterday were stoked about the fishing!

Central Wyoming has been in a sweet spot for several weeks. Fishing has been solid and we are finally getting into good PMD and Yellow Sallie situations. This past Sunday we had a significant bout of rain and that ultimately dirtied up Grey Reef Reservoir, The Afterbay section and the Grey Reef Section. Still pretty gooey below the Narrows but the Upper has cleared quickly and fishing resumed without a hiccup. Nymph rigs are top performers with a leech/ bug combo. A lot of the crew are fishing PMD and Caddis stuff and keeping it simple with pheasant tails and epoxy back or soft hackles. This is also true for Miracle Mile and the leech might be interchangeable with a worm…imagine that? Grey Reef flows are 3000cfs, which is very typical flows for a reasonably good snowpack. Miracle Mile flows are half of that and getting a bit slow quickly after the drops. Fremont Canyon is clicking and even some dry fly to tap into there. Fremont Canyon flows are pretty big right now. Speaking of clicking, how about the cicada thing this year? Wow!

Grey Reef flows are super fishable and excellent drift boat time. The Reef Fly Shop rents low profile Clackacraft Drift boats and Hyde Skiffs. Book a shuttle and grab a handful of the right bugs and have an awesome day on the water. We have a cottage and RV sites as well as a couple guides still available. The North Platte River is attraction #1 but take a cruise through downtown Casper while you are in the area…things have made a great turn over the past couple years.

Hoppers are around in force and the vegetation is pretty good so we expect some face melting hopper fishing this year. Golden Stone activity will pile on us in the coming week or so, don’t miss that! At these flows the PMD and Sallie dry fly opportunities will also be ripe. Especially the Sallies since a lot of the midstream gravel bars have just enough water to create ideal Sallie riffles. Then the trico for AM dry fly sessions and caddis already getting the resident trout up in the eves. Lodge guests have prime access to excellent caddis dry fly.

Have a big group? Contact us about our corporate options. You save money and frustration by letting us handle all the logistics and you entertain your guests while being entertained by us. Win/Win!