Long Shadows, Warm Days and Clear Water

We are in week 2 of a really nice Fall weather spell. Fishing has been very good at all venues… Grey Reef fly fishing in clear water and the nothing and dry fly still dominate the scene. Baetis, caddis, midges, cranefly doing diligence. Streamers are coming on but not in full clobber mode quite yet. Miracle Mile fly fishing is really a nymphing gig with a little streamer activity. Miracle Mile will be best served with worms and leeches with a foam wing or similar dropper. Fremont Canyon has been persnickety for some. A little pea-green and midge stuff dictates being in the right layer of the column.

This is a great time to booked a guided trip and focus on wade fishing. With little river traffic you can have the river largely for yourself and get the fullest out of our private access. Boat rentals on these calm days make the experience relaxing. The slower currents will encourage a shorter float to maximize the fishing. We love this time of year for the dramatic scenery, awesome weather and, of course, really good fishing.

If you are in Casper, WY for business bring your waders and a rod! There is a bunch of very wadeable public access right through town and it fishes great. Downtown, The Ugly Bug Fly Shop is a cool stop regardless of your motive but is a good place to buy a few little drys to pick on the pods of risers near the soccer fields or throw streamers through the whitewater park or go nymph the troughs at Morad Park. We have an awesome urban fishery that sees very little traffic.

In the last 10 years Central Wyoming’s visitor profile has changed quite a bit…and for good reason. Our guests are transitioning to represent those who are coming for no other reason other than to visit and experience a pile of cool outdoor activities. Fishing, hunting, mountain biking, skiing, boating, camping, hiking…you name it. The business traveler is also realizing that a mandatory trip to Casper has become a good thing. The downtown scene is really coming on strong and there are always fun events to attend.