Miracle Mile and Grey Reef Fishing Report

More excellent fly fishing in central Wyoming! All Venues continue to wow us. Streamer activity is hit and miss but the nymphing and dry is very good. Streamers are our our go-to for targeting the big boys and you will notice even the guides floating after work in search of Grey Reef trophy class trout. Tricos, psuedos and caddis on the surface. Midges, tricos, caddis , psuedos, crane flies, scuds, leeches, crawdads etc subsurface. Baetis are showing up down low but won’t be too obvious at Grey reef for a while. Miracle Mile is spot on and they are responding to caddis, leech, midge, worms patterns among others. The streamer game seems to ramp up a bit later but is always worth the try. Heading out to the water right now, have a great week!