We’re drying out!

A couple days of hard rain has given us and the landscape pruney fingers. The river recovered nicely even after Eagle Creek popped…which is typically the worst. Fishing is on and strong. Baetis were doing their thing and midges are the real story. Caddis also moving up. Midge patterns, cased caddis patterns and baetis all preforming well. Fremont is doing great as it Miracle Mile. Grey Reef is stealing the show, however.

NPL Dates:

We have some good availability this Memorial Day weekend. Call ASAP!

June 4-8 for 2 anglers, arrive the eve of the 4th fish 5-8 and depart the 9th or a shorter stay in that range or a single angler…we tailor to fit.

July 10 – 13 for up to 6 anglers. Arrive the 10th, fish 11-13 and depart the 14th.

July 29-Aug 1st for up to 10 anglers. Arrive July 29, fish July 30-Aug 1st and depart the 2nd

August 13 – 16 FULL LODGE opening up to 12 anglers.

August 30 -Sept 2 FULL LODGE.

Pic: Lee with his brown from a couple days ago.