Wyoming Fly Fishing

Central Wyoming fly fishing is rocking and rolling. Fishing is great and our water situation is interesting…in a good way. Grey Reef flows are at 4000cfs, Miracle Mile flows are 6000cfs. Fremont Canyon? Who knows. But it is is big. Pathfinder damn started to spill in the past day so the flows are unable to be metered. Seminoe Damn is 85% of capacity(which in reality is more than the BuRec would like due to condition of the structure). Alcova, Grey Reef and Glendo are full. The North Platte River is flooding near the Wyoming – South Dakota Line. Needless to say, we have lots of water. This is good for Grey Reef! We are having great days on the water and there is no end in sight. Late July, August and September will experience amazing conditions and the hopper and streamer opportunities will be excellent. Bigger water creates much better edge structure and changes the runs. Do the runs disappear? Are the fish getting washed downstream? Is it too fast to float? Are the fish too spread out? NO, no, no and no. There are always runs no matter the level of the river. Are they were they were at 500cfs? No, they migrated somewhere between the 500cfs runs. Can you still catch fish? Big number, typical Grey Reef feast is still the norm.

We have some good NPL availability for the later part of the season and we have 2 one room spots available for the June TroutFest. Come and get it! Expect your grin muscles to cramp a bit.