North Platte River / Grey Reef Fishing Report

A reminder to all of the cable to cable closure below the boat ramp at Grey Reef.  May 1st is the reopening of that section.  Those who have not acknowledged the closure have been rewarded with a nice ticket from Mr. Game Warden/Sheriff !  With that said the fishing has just been spectacular all week.  The fly in the ointment now is the impending storm that is forecast to bring wet heavy snow to our region tonight and tomorrow.  4-8 inches with blustery north winds and temps in the low 30’s should make tomorrow just a peach!

All our boats out yesterday experienced challenging winds, but the fish didn’t care.  Good numbers of healthy trout in the 16 to 19 inch range were brought to hand on, you guessed it, leeches, worms, egg patterns and RS2 foamo’s.  I didn’t hear from anyone that went to the Miracle Mile yesterday, but I assume the fishing was solid.  DO NOT ATTEMPT TO GO THERE TOMORROW unless the snow event does not happen.