Summer of Love

2018 is turning out to be a pretty dramatic season. Central Wyoming Fly Fishing has been rock-solid through it all. Montana is still wrestling with big water conditions and Colorado is in a scary predicament with low and warm water. Our strategic position as the sole outfitter at Grey Reef has been an advantageous position. Easy striking distance to Miracle Mile and the Golden Stones and just a skip to Grey Reef…Grey Reef flows are at 3000cfs which is a perfect blend that keeps the North Platte River clear in heavy rain events but it also is needed for good edge structure for the hatches that are best attacked right along the bank. Tricos, Caddis and hoppers really benefit from this situation. The hopper thing is already happening and we feel it could rival the great hopper fishing we had several years ago. The BLM really needs to check their knee-jerk reaction and not hose down the entire countryside with pesticides. The airplane spraying was out of control last go-round…we even watched them directly spray the river and even anglers floating the river. It was cool to watch the barnstorming tactics of the pilots, though. Techy dry fly is close with the tricos and this will continue through October. Caddis dry fly sessions are already happening in the eves and will run a similar course to the tricos. We will modify our scheduled floats if you’d like a midday start and fish in to the late eve…hoppers then caddis and sprinkle in a little streamer to keep it spicy.

Come prepared! If you have multiple weights of rods, bring them. 4-6wt is a solid clutch but one size either way can be employed as well. Streamers enthusiasts bring a floating line and a tip. RAIN COATS MANDATORY and a pair of packable rain pants such cheap insurance. Good wading footwear. We do not recommend wearing your wading boots as the time out of the water is not comfortable.

While the nymphing is still excellent we have the opportunity to show you a whole new side of Grey Reef with the dry fly program so consider hopping on The Reef Fly Shop facebook page and watch a reach cast tutorial by Joan Wulff. This will get you in a great mindset to keep those bugs drifting freely and increase your production tremendously.

For those who have had to modify their fishing vacations, give us a call!. We still have a couple amazing lodge spots open. Location, access and experience that trumps them all.