Wyoming Fly Fishing

Rio Gordy June 2016

Central Wyoming Fly Fishing has been great on all fronts. Grey Reef guide fishing report is solid with nymphing and streamers being the go-to. Yellow Sallies, caddis, midges and PMDs are the bugs of choice but worms, crawdads and leeches are doing their duty. Grey reef river flows are 3000cfs. Great flows and the river is in good shape all the way through Casper, WY. Miracle Mile guide report is excellent. Miracle Mile river flows are 2500cfs. Caddis, Sallies, Golden Stones! PMDs and midges are the bugs, of course leeches and worms are the casual king ding-a-ling of the Mile. Fremont is fishing well and caddis must be your top consideration. The Big Horn River and Wind River (same ditch) have eased with the floating debris and the Yellow Sallies are still pulling them up to the surface.