Winter is Coming! Fishing Report for the North Platte River

Fishing and weather has been fantastic as of late, with great fish being caught daily! We have had nice weather for November with highs in the upper 40’s and lows around 30. All flows have stayed constant and are down to their winter levels. Now is the time to get up here and catch a big one!

Miracle Mile- 500 CFS The Mile has been acting like herself lately, really good on some days and not so great on others. The road is in good condition, but it has been fairly crowded out there (especially on the weekends). Nymphing is still going to be the most productive method, with streamers getting some nice ones. Top flies have been San Juan worms, leeches, scuds, a PAL, Rhinestone, and an All day May. For streamers, the Rusty Trombone or the goldie have been getting them. Definitely seems like a slower retrieve is better.

Fremont/Cardwell-75 CFS Fishing has been great here with fish being caught on dries, streamers, and nymphs! The BP bugger or Near Nuff have been go to streamers, streamer fishing has been better on more overcast days. As always the trusty parachute adams in #18 will work if there are fish rising. For nymphs smaller the better, PAL, All Day May, LAZY, Stalkups baetis, and the Maggot midge have all been working well.

Grey Reef-Dave Johnson power plant- 500 CFS Fishing has been awesome from the reef all of the way down below Casper. While there still is some vegetation on the upper section it is very fishable. Cold nights and windy days help move all of the weeds out. There have been some really nice browns caught on the upper section as well as big rainbows. Reef worms, deep purple, PAL’s, leeches, and scuds have all been getting it done. The further downstream you go the weeds dissipate.

As always if you have any questions or would like to book a guided trip or cottage, don’t hesitate to stop by or give the shop a call!