Wyoming Fly Fishing

We have had some unbelievably nice days with lots of snow on the ground. Warm, calm and sunny. The river has maintained itself nicely through the melting snow. Lower reaches are murky but up high is fishing very well.

Nymph rigs have been the best with red lazy midges, crystal midges, PALs, JuJu midges and baetis etc. Worms, leeches and scuds also doing a nice job.

NPL is officially open for the season and we couldn’t be more excited. Dates are sparse but we do have some so don’t hesitate to call.

Pic: Lew Sandler with a nice rainbow from yesterday with Stu as the netman. Lew is part of the group that has the “Texas Creel” trophy in the mudroom. Sorry Lew this won’t qualify for the spring smallest fish contest! Lew and company have visited the North Platte Lodge 30 times.