Wyoming Fly Fishing Guide Report

Wyoming’s Grey Reef and Miracle Mile sections of the North Platte River Fly Fishing Guide Report is very good. Miracle Mile has Golden Stones hatching and being eaten on the surface. Grey Reef has BIG midges and Red Lazy Midges have them hitting the net. Grey Reef also has…uhm…ready for this? Baetis, Tricos, PMDs, Yellow Sallies, Micro Caddis and their regular sized bretheren, midges from minute to meal worm size ETC. Of Course this is a bit of an exaggeration but Tricos, PMDs, Sallies, Caddis and midges aren’t unusual but Baetis are. Generally we would be in the thick of the PMD/Sallie hatch but that hasn’t happened in force, yet. It will. Tricos generally get them looking up by mid -mid/late July. CAddis in the eves will have them licking the surface as well. We have been fishing from 4′-7′ on Grey Reef and tend to get long toward the afternoon when things aren’t as active. Miracle Mile rigs are 3′-6′ with plenty of weight to keep the bugs in place in the pushier water.

There is some good cottage availability later this month and we do have some guides eager to show you what makes summer on Grey Reef as good as any river. If you like big fish then it will be as good as it gets. Grey Reef looses nothing to other popular summertime fisheries except the pressure. Our guides know how, what , where, when and most importantly why.

Fall is approaching and we have already started to get groups snatching up the multi room lodge spots in September and early October. But, there are still great options. Better yet, do a group in mid -late October. We love fall. And after an October visit you will too.